Squirrel Removal In Denver

Squirrel Removal DenverIf you’re hearing scratches in your attic space or between the walls, chances are good you have a squirrel infestation. These furry creatures are cute to look at, but not so cute when they’re inhabiting your home! Squirrels are most active in the very early morning hours, so if you’re hearing noises in the morning, but not any other time, call Budget Pest Control for help.

Why Do Squirrels Come In The Attic

Squirrels come into an attic for two reasons — to stay warm and to find food. Many squirrel mothers come to find a warm, safe place for their babies and if left alone, will typically leave after three months. However, instead of leaving the nest alone, it’s a better idea to have a squirrel removal specialist from Budget Pest Control come to your home and trap the mom and her babies. It’s not uncommon for squirrel moms to come back to the same nest for future litters so without removing them, you’ll be facing the same problem in a few months. Once the nest is gone it’s important to find the mother’s access point and seal it off so the infestation doesn’t reoccur.

Problems Associated With Squirrels

Squirrels can cause problems with electrical wiring since they like to chew through wires. They can also eat the wires in your car, which can lead to hefty repair bills. If the squirrel is unfortunate enough to die in your attic, you’ll also be faced with a smell that you won’t believe as it decomposes.

Squirrel Removal From Budget Pest Control

Although squirrels can be destructive, it’s a bad idea to try to poison them. First of all, there’s no legal method to poison squirrels so we won’t do it. Secondly, if you do try to do this yourself, you could cause the squirrel a very painful and inhumane death. Eventually, your attic will start to smell due to the decomposing squirrel carcass and many people report that the smell is worse than the squirrels were in the first place.

Instead, a squirrel removal specialist from Budget Pest Control will humanely trap the squirrel and relocate it. Squirrels caught by Budget Pest Control are relocated 20 miles, which is far enough to ensure that they won’t return to the home. If you can see where the squirrel entered the home, be sure to fix it so you won’t have another squirrel in your attic in the future.

Squirrels are cute, but they belong in the wild, not in your attic. If you fear that your home has been infested by these furry creatures, call Budget Pest Control at (303) 790-7378 for squirrel removal services. We’ll come to your home and handle squirrel removal humanely.