Preferred Customer Plan

As a special benefit to our regular customers, we have developed a Preferred Customer Plan (the only such plan in the industry).  This plan will save you save you money on future treatments.  If, after after your initial cleanout treatment, you take the number of follow-ups advised on your original agreement you qualify to become a preferred customer and will be put on 0ur special list.  What this allows you to do is skip 2 to 6 months (which some op to do during the winter months).  You can then re-start your cleanout treatments when needed – at 40% OFF the regular cleanout rate!

Your preferred discount rating can be maintained simply by making sure you receive service at least once every six months.  Keep in mind however, that such a minimum frequency (only once every 6 months) will not yield good control over pests unless a 100 Day Treatment is done.  Some customers elect to do a 100 Day Follow-Up in the fall if they plan to postpone treatments until Spring.

Many customers choose to have Regular Monthly Protection throughout the entire pest season (March through November) because it achieves the highest level of control over the pests.