About Pest Free DenverBudget Pest Control specializes in pest control and prevention of Ants, Spiders, Black Widows, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Crickets, Centipedes, Wasps, Hornets, Mice, Rats, Bed Bugs, and other household pests that are common to the Rocky Mountain Region. We can even help you control squirrels and voles and moles that feast on the roots of your grass.

More Than Just An Exterminator

Though we are considered “exterminators,” our name says “pest control.” This is because our approach to unwanted pests who invade your home includes trapping, removing, and eliminating them in the most effective, yet safest means possible. We want to protect you and the environment as much as we can.

We take special care to use only the most up-to-date and high-quality professional methods, including the application of pest control materials that are safe around children, pets, and plants. All of the materials we use are EPA approved. They are also low-odor so they will not smell up your home and are applied so as to never cause a staining problem.

If anyone in your family has breathing problems or is elderly, sick, or pregnant, we suggest that they vacate the home before the exterminator comes and only return after a few hours. Just mention your needs when you call for an appointment.

The Budget Pest Control Difference

We know that when you call an exterminator, you are reaching out for help to solve a problem you cannot solve yourself. Our exterminators are very well trained and experienced in their field. You will always find them to be reliable, courteous, and concerned about you and any pest problems you may have. They will state the price of the service upfront, and always recommend a treatment program to keep pests under control at a reasonable cost.

Our company is licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and we are a member in good standing of the Colorado Pest Control Association. The owner of Budget Pest Control, Loel Passe Jr. has over 30 years experience in the pest control industry and has served as President of the Colorado Pest Control Association, as well as in many other official capacities in the national associations.

When you need an exterminator with experience and high standards, please call Budget Pest Control at (303) 790-7378, We are waiting to help you regain the sole possession of your home once again.